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.9 earthquake is the biggest earthquake to hit japan. >> and cities along the west coastline are breathing a sigh of relief they were largely spared the tsunami's wrath. with you -- but they did not escape totally. noelle walker has more. >> in hawaii seven-foot waves crashed on maui and sent residents scrambling for safety. in oregon coastal residents awoke to tsunami sirens. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park getting everybody up. >> boats were tossed around in santa cruz like they were bathtub toys. south of san francisco beaches were closed and eastbound highways clogged with cars. coastal residents were evacuated to higher ground. in cressent city, most destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out in japan and across the region. they will stand with us as we recover and rebuild across this region. >> a tragedy that could just as easily happened here. >> for many people here in maryland have been struggling to get in touch with fr
-- tsunami in japan. >> a lock-out is on, after nfl players and owners fail to make an agreement. >> are you ready to lose an hour of sleep? it is that time of year again. "11 news saturday morning" starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm jennifer franciotti. we'll get to our top stories in just a moment. first, let's go to john collins. it is nice it didn't rain yesterday. >> this morning it is nice. we have clear skies. we still have flooding problems to talk about. let's look at the sky conditions out there and the way it will affect your weekend. take a look at our live h.d. doppler radar. i have the satellite picture incorporated with that, also, and you can see clouds all off on the edges. off to the east. that stream of moisture, if you have high-definition tv. you can see clouds streaming on the right hand side of us. there is another disturbance up in lake michigan. that's moving into ohio. i have something in my throat. all that stuff is not near us. that's the key today. what
is the devastating earthquake that destroyed everything in its path in japan. it is the biggest recorded quake to hit japan. >> as japan tries to get a grasp on the number of victims, citizens on the west coast of the united states are breathing a sigh of relief, even though we did not totally at the skate. >> the tsunami waves that swept across the northern japanese coast arrived at the u.s. coast hours later. in hawaii, 7-foot waves sent residents scrambling for safety. >> it swirled us, and slammed the. >> in oregon, coastal residents woke up to sirens. >> they started screaming and yelling and running through the trailer park. >> the current tossed around boats. south of san francisco beaches were closed as coastal residents evacuated. in crescent city, most of the destruction was isolated to harbors and marinas. the damage in japan is still being tallied, and president obama offered immediate aid. >> our hearts go out to our friends in japan, and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild. >> it is a tragedy that could just as easily happen here. >> this morning, things appear to be get
owner killed in bethesda. >> rescue efforts continue in japan a week after the earthquake and tsunami. >> and restoring education tops the governor's plan in annapolis. "11 news saturday morning" starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. lisa has the day off. >> and i'm lowell melzer. a little warmer than we expected. >> we were discussing that that morning. the temperatures haven't dropped off. >> does that mean we'll have a warmer day today than expected? >> probably not, because the cold air is filtering in. what we have now is kind of roughly, give or take, 5 or 6 degrees where we're going to be the rest of the day. let's look at the radar satellite combination. there are still are clouds overhead. the rain is to the south of us. there are still spotty showers and sprinkles, and that's about it. that was most significant in our weather here. that moon is pretty big in the western sky right now. we'll talk about that here. it is almost a full moon, and late in the month for a full moon to be occurring, which
one of the surviving victims had to say. , plus, there's a new crisis in japan. the steps emergency teams are using to cool down reactors and stop radiation leaks when we come back. >> yesterday was almost like being in a dream world with temperatures up around 80 degrees or so. we will be seeing that for a while. it won't be nearly as warm. our forecast for the weekend is just ahead. >> live, local, late breaking, this is t.v.11 news saturday morning. >> welcome back. thanks for join joining us. we will check outside. yesterday was a gorgeous day. it was fun to be outside. >> you really hate to see those because it gets you set up for something that's not ready yet. you get excited. spring starts tomorrow evening, and it's a little early to hit 80, because it gets your hopes up. that's fine, but reality says no, we're not there yet. now, this morning, we're still hanging on, at least in some case to some of the milder temperatures. the cold front is near the mouth of the chesapeake bay, so we are on the cold side, so to speak, of the front but the coldest of the air, the chillier a
. japan's prime minister called the entire situation grave with little reason for optimism. >> the government is stepping up monitoring efforts to control the radiation. >> people living within 18 miles previously told to stay in-doors were urged to consider evacuation. while officials tried to determine where exactly the brief was, critics of nuclear power were quick to speak out. >> there is no safe radiation dose. >> a leading russian expert on cher noble -- chyrnoble urged them to close the plants. >> i think there are less densely populated areas for this, certainly not new york city. >> a closer look at their emergency plan. >> we have eight emergency diesel generators. >> today they invited reporters inside. insisting while they will continue to learn from japan, they already think they could withstand the worst-case scenario. >> major changes ahead for workers of the u.s. postal service. >> plus nintendo has gone three commentional. there is more than gaming. a preview coming up. >> and attention saavy shoppers. a bargain when we come >> in "consumer alert"
a symbol of friendship between the u.s. and japan for years. the trees were a gift from the japanese in 1912. a special fund-raising walk was held to raise money for the victims of the tragedy in japan. the event comes ahead of the two-week cherry bloss only festival -- blosoms which begins today. >> a new school designed to help schools explore their creative side is about to open in baltimore. we'll take you there. >> and did you ever wonder what is in movie popcorn? >> you do not want to snow. >> federal regulators want theater owners to make some changes. details ahead. >> some local middle school students are getting a first-hand look at a blue diamond almonds! more bold flavor! more variety! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds... more than a snack. >> good morning. the time is 5:20. if your diet is low in certain vitamins, it could lead to amuseumia in post-menopausal women. having three newt rent defish -- nutrient defish -- deficiensies -- >> 11 news erika edwards has a popcorn story. >> any idea how many calories are in a typical bag of movie po
returning to their homes. >> it is 58 degrees. the recent disaster in japan has many wanting to reach out, which could open the door for scam artists. >> is all the march madness interfering with work? tips to keep employees had is in the games and their minds on work. work. >> now, your insta-weather-plus forecast with meteorologist john collins. >> there was a little action on the radar with the couple of sprinkles here and there with a cold front generating clouds. they are pulling out of the area. the sunshine is coming in. also, cooler temperatures. this morning it was still in the 60's. colder temperatures were filtering in in pennsylvania and northern maryland. the high yesterday of 81 was hard to match. it was a record temperature. with the sunshine, we have a temperature reading that has swept down a little bit. 51 at the airport. 55 at the inner harbor. the daytime low will not be hit until 5:00 -- midnight tonight. a full moon comes in tonight. the closest location to earth in the past 18 years -- it will be two hundred 21,565 miles away. the moon rise this evening is that 7:58
to our web site, in japan, work is under way to inject fresh water into one of the damaged reactor's at the troubled nuclear power plant. there are concerns that it could be problematic, as officials say sea water is showing high levels of radioactivity. the government is advising people within 20 miles of the plant to stay indoors, and people living within 12 miles have been ordered to leave. president obama is planning a speech to the nation that will cover the path ahead and his rationale about the inappropriate use of force in libya. he will respond to criticism from lawmakers who say they should have been consulted in events. -- in advance. >> after an all-night standoff with police, if the suspect in a shooting of two georgia police officers has surrendered. he came out of the house in athens, ga., and reportedly told police that he would only surrender if it was covered live on television. he held eight people at gunpoint. police have been searching for him after he shot two police officers. the mayor, of a suburban philadelphia town is dead after a skydiving acciden
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9